Looking to switch?

Individuals switching from another provider

If you are currently or have recently been insured with another provider, we try to make it as easy as possible to switch to a CS Healthcare plan.

We are committed to ensuring you make the right choice when joining CS Healthcare. That is why we try to make the process as easy and transparent as possible, so even if you are currently insured with another provider, you could still benefit from our flexible approach by switching your cover to us.

Moving off a company group scheme

If you are moving from a company paid group scheme and are looking to switch to another provider, have you considered CS Healthcare? We pride ourselves in providing high level of personal service and direct access to our experienced U.K based staff, who are always here to help.


To find out more about how you can switch to CS Healthcare, please fill in the form below and an adviser will contact you within 2 working days.

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Why switch to CS Healthcare?

CS Healthcare is a mutual health insurance provider and, since 1929, have specialised in protecting the health of Civil servants, public sector workers and not-for-profit employees. Our mutuality means our members are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Service – At CS Healthcare we treat our members as individuals rather than just another policyholder. This is just one of the reasons why we have been voted ‘Most Trusted Health Insurance Provider’ in the Moneywise Customer Service Awards for four consecutive years, from 2016-2019
  • Mutuality –Unlike many of our commercial competitors, we don’t have any shareholders. Any surplus is reinvested for the benefit of the Society, putting the needs and interests of our members first. This also means we don't offer No Claims Discounts so you won't be individually penalised should you make a claim
  • Expertise – We have been insuring civil and public servants for over 85 years, so it’s safe to say this is our speciality. Whether you want to guided through the claims process or simply want to discuss your options, our experts are on hand to help you every step of the way

What are the switch terms?

In most cases, we will use the same method of underwriting as your current or previous health insurer. It is important to understand there are certain types of treatment and pre-existing medical conditions which means you may not qualify for our switch terms. These include, but are not limited to, stroke, cancer (including benign brain tumours), joint replacement and spinal conditions and any conditions/symptoms which are being investigated or treated.

Please note, your existing cover can only be switched to our your choice plan. If you do not qualify for our switch terms, we will offer you Full Medical Underwriting as an alternative. We strongly suggest you do not cancel your existing insurance until we have confirmed any personal exclusions which may apply to your policy.

In order to qualify for any switch terms, you and any dependent included on the policy must also:
  • Currently be insured under a UK private medical insurance policy, or have had a policy of this kind which expired within 60 days of your requested start date with CS Healthcare
  • Be maximum age of 74 years and 11 months at the proposed start date of the policy
  • Provide a copy of the most recent insurance certificates of insurance for each dependant applying for switch terms

GP24 Advice Line

At CS Healthcare, we are always looking at ways to improve the products and services we offer to our members. We understand that accessing GP services quickly and at a time convenient for you can be challenging. This is why we are pleased to announce we are improving the advice line service that is available to all our members.

Jargon Buster

CS Healthcare has been providing private healthcare for 90 years and during that time, we’ve discovered there are some medical phrases and terms that cause confusion. Our Jargon Buster is designed to simplify any complicated terms that you may not be familiar with. Make sure you refer back to it any time you're feeling unsure about a word or meaning as you are browsing the site.

Confused? Take a look at our Jargon Buster

Our Jargon Buster is designed to simplify any complicated terms that you may not be familiar with. Make sure you refer back to it any time you're feeling unsure about a word or meaning as you're browsing the site.