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HealthBridge is a competitively priced healthcare plan which bridges the gap between the NHS and private cover, giving you and your family the opportunity to receive specialist care and avoid possible lengthy waiting times, with tests, consultations, surgery and treatment arranged quickly at a hospital convenient to you.

Our HealthBridge policy covers you for diagnostic tests and scans, surgery and treatment, all the way through to specialist aftercare providing you and your family with a key range of benefits up to an overall benefit limit of £15,000 per person per policy year.

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With HealthBridge you can rest assured that the cost of treatment is covered for eligible new medical conditions arising after your cover begins. There’s also the comfort of knowing that you and any family members covered will be treated in an environment that is designed to help you recover in a clean, safe and private place. The NHS can provide an excellent service but with the heightened demand for services, you may discover that you have a lengthy wait before you can get an appointment. HealthBridge has been specially designed to allow you quick access to treatment at an affordable price.

Cover has been separated into three key areas:

Investigation and Detection

You are covered for those all-important diagnostic investigations, tests and scans giving you peace of mind when investigations for an injury or illness are required. This includes ECG, EEG, ultrasound scans, blood tests and X-rays subject to the maximum annual benefit limit of £15,000. Within this limit you are covered for up to £1,000 for Consultations per person per policy year.

Treatment and Surgery

With HealthBridge, you can have peace of mind that you are covered for hospital care for in-patient, day-patient and out-patient surgery in a comfortable environment. This includes pre-operative tests, surgeon and anaesthetist’s fees, surgery and operating costs, hospital accommodation, consultant and specialist fees and post-operative treatment, subject to the maximum annual benefit limit of £15,000 per person per policy year. Treatment for heart and cancer is excluded from cover; however aftercare support for new heart and cancer conditions is covered under Recovery and Support.

Recovery and Support

To help ensure recovery is smooth and free from complications, or to provide support when you need it most, HealthBridge will cover you for the following:

  • £350 per person per policy year for out-patient therapy such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment
  • £500 per person per policy year for Psychiatric consultations and Counselling
  • £150 per person per policy year for appliances and aids following an in-patient admission
  • 500 per person per policy year for nursing and home care following a hospital admission
  • £100 cash when you welcome a new child into your family. A 12 month qualifying period applies.

Provided you are aged between 18 years and 74 years old and 11 months, you are eligible to apply for our HealthBridge policy. You can find out more eligibility, including information about pre-existing or long-term conditions, on our FAQs page.

If you choose to receive treatment on the NHS in lieu of private treatment, then you may be entitled to receive the NHS Support Allowance, where we will convert a proportion of your benefit into a cash lump sum for you to use as you wish.

You can claim the NHS Support Allowance on a maximum of two occasions per person per policy year. It can provide the ideal option if you are looking to preserve your £15,000 policy limit.

The first born child on the policy will not have to pay premiums until the renewal following their 18th birthday.

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CS Healthcare has developed strong and long-standing relationships with a number of private hospitals groups, independent hospitals and selected NHS hospitals with dedicated Private Patients Units (PPUs). Our network of hospitals and medical service providers has been carefully compiled to provide high standards of comfort and service.

Use the Find a Hospital facility to view your nearest hospitals.

The HealthBridge policy has a compulsory co-payment so that the cost of treatment is shared by you and CS Healthcare. You will be required to pay 15% of each claim per person per policy year, but only up to a maximum of £250 per person per policy year.  This is the maximum amount which you have to pay in co-payment towards eligible diagnostic investigations and treatment per person each policy year. Therefore each time an invoice for eligible pre-authorised treatment is received, it must be sent to CS Healthcare, so it can be assessed and offset against the co-payment.

The co-payment does not apply to benefits on the Recovery & Support option and applies per person per policy year and is not applied per condition.

Total Claim Amount CS Healthcare Pays Member Pays
Example 1 £500 £425 (85%) £75 (15%)
Example 2 £1000 £850 (85%) £150 (15%)
Example 3 £2000 £1750 (85%)
(£250 cap reached therefore CS Healthcare pays the remainder of the claim)
£250 (15%)
(member contribution capped at £250)

Example co-payments for multiple claims under a HealthBridge policy during the same policy year:

Benefit type Total invoice amount Amount paid by CS Healthcare Amount paid by member Remaining in the benefit fund
Consultation £360 £306 £54 (co-payment) £14,694
Diagnostic test £120 £102 £18 (co-payment) £14,592
Consultation £180 £153 £27 (co-payment) £14,439
Treatment and surgery £12,000 £11,849 £151 (co-payment, the £250 cap has been reached) £2,590
Folllow-up physiotherapy £250 £250 £0 £2,340
Treatment and surgery £2,500 £2,340 £160 (shortfall) £0

Please note: The co-payment starts again at the beginning of each new policy year, (at your renewal date) even if treatment is ongoing and spans more than one policy year. Therefore, where treatment starts in one policy year and continues to the next, the co-payment will apply again.

As with most insurers, CS Healthcare does not cover you for pre-existing medical conditions or chronic conditions, which are unlikely to be cured by treatment.

This includes conditions which have no known cure or require ongoing monitoring. However, it’s worth noting that we may provide cover for the initial diagnosis, surgical intervention or aftercare if necessary.

This policy is only available with Moratorium Underwriting which means that any condition or symptoms will not be covered which required you, or any eligible dependents, to receive advice, medication, tests or treatment, in the five years immediately before your policy commences. However, this could be subject to change if you do not have any symptoms or received any form of medical attention for two continuous years after the start of your policy. In this instance, the condition will be eligible for benefit, subject to the policy rules.

Heart and Cancer conditions are not included under the HealthBridge policy. If you are specifically looking to be covered for these conditions, then you can choose the Heart & Cancer option with our more comprehensive health insurance policy – your choice .

To find out more about how we define pre-existing conditions, please see the section titled ‘Am I eligible for cover?’ You can also find out more information in the policy booklet.

In addition, you will not be covered for any related conditions which are caused by, or a direct result of a pre-existing condition which has developed in the last five years before your policy commences.

There are some general exclusions which will apply to your policy and it’s important that you familiarise yourself with these. More information can be found in your Policy Document or on our FAQs page.

As a policyholder the main exclusions you should be aware of are as follows:

  • Treatment outside the UK
  • Organ transplants
  • Routine monitoring of any medical condition
  • Surgical correction of short or long-sightedness
  • Hearing aids and other external prosthesis
  • Accident & Emergency treatment (including unplanned NHS Intensive Care)
  • Treatment for infertility
  • Treatment for drug abuse, alcoholism or self-inflicted injury
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • HIV, AIDS and psychiatric treatment
  • Routine pregnancy or childbirth
  • Conditions arising from Professional sports

Provided you are aged between 18 years and 74 years old and 11 months, and work or have worked in the civil service, public sector or not-for-profit organisations, you are eligible to apply for our HealthBridge policy.

GP24 Advice Line

At CS Healthcare, we are always looking at ways to improve the products and services we offer to our members. We understand that accessing GP services quickly and at a time convenient for you can be challenging. This is why we are pleased to announce we are improving the advice line service that is available to all our members.

Jargon Buster

CS Healthcare has been providing private healthcare for 90 years and during that time, we’ve discovered there are some medical phrases and terms that cause confusion. Our Jargon Buster is designed to simplify any complicated terms that you may not be familiar with. Make sure you refer back to it any time you're feeling unsure about a word or meaning as you are browsing the site.

Confused? Take a look at our Jargon Buster

Our Jargon Buster is designed to simplify any complicated terms that you may not be familiar with. Make sure you refer back to it any time you're feeling unsure about a word or meaning as you're browsing the site.