18 November 2019
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5 Ways to increase your metabolism

If you have recently gained or lost weight, you might be interested in how your metabolism is working to affect those changes in your body. A lot of factors influence your metabolism, including your age, gender and genetic makeup. Read on to learn more about your metabolism and how it works, plus discover five ways you can increase it.

22 October 2019
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8 Ways to sleep better at night

We all feel better after a good night’s rest, but many of us struggle to achieve this important part of our day. Experts say we need between 7 and 9 hours sleep to stay healthy, but one in three of us suffers from poor sleep. How can we get a better night of sleep? Discover these eight tips and give them a try to get some well-earned rest.

09 October 2019
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Stress in the workplace - 7 tips to help you cope

It is important to have good stress management in the workplace and in our everyday lives. When we feel overwhelmed, or stressed for long periods, it can have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing. Frequent feelings of stress can lead to the development of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, which can have a knock on effect on your productivity, focus and our overall mood at work.

10 September 2019
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The Health Benefits of Cauliflower

It’s not often everyone’s favourite vegetable, but cauliflower is a healthy option when it comes to serving up a side of vegetables with your meals. It’s versatile too, with numerous recipes including it, or even whole dishes dedicated to it (cauliflower cheese is particularly delicious). But what exactly are cauliflower’s health benefits?

19 June 2018
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Foods that boost your brain power

The brain is a powerful organ. It essentially controls everything the body does, and it doesn’t stop working, even while you sleep. It is made up of a lot of different parts, or sections, that each control various things that go on in your body such as movement, speech and digestion. As well as the benefits of regular ‘brain training’ and avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking or consuming too much alcohol, the brain can also benefit from getting certain vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients from our diet.

21 March 2018
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Eat Right to Boost Your Brain

Research has shown that our diet has a big impact on the way we look and feel. Recent studies have also demonstrated that eating certain foods can help to prevent memory loss, provide energy and even boost your IQ. Check out some of these amazing brain boosting superfoods and their effects.

21 March 2018
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The Importance of Stretching

At CS Healthcare, we’ve been providing private health insurance for over 85 years, covering those who work in the civil service and not-for-profit organisations. CS Healthcare is a proud CSRF partner and sponsor of Nathan McLellan’s London Marathon attempt. Nathan is extremely passionate about the CSRF cause and when you couple that with his preparation in the lead up to the big event, there’s no stopping him! To help Nathan and others stay in tip top shape, CS Healthcare have some important tips on stretching, a component often overlooked by many when exercising, but hugely important to avoid injury.

07 March 2018
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How to Take Care of Your Kidneys

Considering the main responsibilities of the kidney (filtering approximately 200 litres of blood daily and generating the hormones behind red blood cell production and calcium absorption), it is easy to understand why these small organs are vital to your overall health and well-being. Research suggests that up to 60,00 people in the UK die prematurely due to kidney disease annually and there is no cure. With kidney transplants averaging a 5-year wait, it is essential to take steps to reduce the chances of developing kidney-related illness.

23 February 2018
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Bacteria in the gut - tiny microbes that can have a huge impact

There are as many as 100 trillion bacteria that live inside and on our bodies. Some exist on the surface of our skin, others are inside our nose, mouth and even our urogenital tract. However, many bacteria are active inside our gut. The good bacteria inside our gut can counteract potentially harmful toxins and bad bacteria, helping to keep our digestive system fully functioning and healthy.

19 December 2017
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Could you be a carer?

Today’s blog is brought to you by The Charity for Civil Servants and is the first of a 2-part blog takeover by fellow Civil Service organisations.The Charity for Civil Servants formed in January 1886 as The Civil Service Benevolent Fund and was renamed in 2012. The Charity supports all civil servants, past and present, throughout their lives, with whatever problems they may have.

GP24 Advice Line

At CS Healthcare, we are always looking at ways to improve the products and services we offer to our members. We understand that accessing GP services quickly and at a time convenient for you can be challenging. This is why we are pleased to announce we are improving the advice line service that is available to all our members.

Jargon Buster

CS Healthcare has been providing private healthcare for 90 years and during that time, we’ve discovered there are some medical phrases and terms that cause confusion. Our Jargon Buster is designed to simplify any complicated terms that you may not be familiar with. Make sure you refer back to it any time you're feeling unsure about a word or meaning as you are browsing the site.

Confused? Take a look at our Jargon Buster

Our Jargon Buster is designed to simplify any complicated terms that you may not be familiar with. Make sure you refer back to it any time you're feeling unsure about a word or meaning as you're browsing the site.