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13 July 2017

What are Organic Foods?

Organic food is often in the news, the most common of the debates is simply: is it worth it? They are more expensive than other foods, even free range, but as consumers is it right that we pay more for organic food, and is it really good for us? Our health enthusiasts at CS Healthcare felt that to fully understand, we really needed to sit down and think about organic produce, and what it does for us.

What exactly is organic food? Organic produce simply means, foods which have been made as naturally as possible, there are little to no pesticides or chemicals on the crops to affect them. If you are interested in eating an all-natural diet, then by increasing the amounts of organic food in your diet is the first step to do that.

If you are someone who is dedicated to environmental causes, then organic food is another great way to ensure you are doing your bit for the planet. It is kinder to animals, and the crops thanks to the limited pesticides and chemicals that are sprayed.

The Soil Association are the ones who are in charge of organic foods, and decide on whether or not food is organic. As well as this part of their jobs, the Soil Association also educates the public on organic crops, and helps farmers switch to organic farming, as well as conducting research into organic foods.

Organic actually goes a lot further than simply organic foods, although obviously this is the most common of organic products is food. You can also include organic into your life in various other ways, including:

While dedicating your life to living completely organic can be difficult, you can see that there are definitely plenty of ways for you to adopt an organic lifestyle other than simply your diet.

Organic living is something that is destined to always be debated, and indeed the biggest issue in the debate is the price. The increase in cost of organic items vs non organic is enough to make many shoppers turn away and look to regular produce, which is understandable. If your budget allows it, then try introducing organic foods into your shopping trolley, and see what difference they make to your diet- hopefully you will feel like you’ve eaten an extra two fruit or veg on top of your five a day!

Whilst you can still be really healthy despite not eating organic food, there are a lot of scientific research out there that does put truth behind the claim that ‘organic is better. Don’t feel like you aren’t being healthy if you don’t go for organic foods, as long as you are eating a balanced, colourful and healthy diet you should feel very positive about your health and lifestyle!

The information in these pages is intended as general advice only. If you or your family members require medical advice or have any medical concerns, please contact your GP. 

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