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14 September 2017

How to look after your sight

It is very important to make sure that we are looking after our sight; here are some of the best ways to do that. 

We all know that as we get older, our sight naturally needs a little bit more help. No matter what age we are, it is really important to look after our eyes, and make sure that they are in their best health. This includes going for regular trips to the optician and staying healthy. But what little changes can we make to our daily lives to ensure that we keep our sight as healthy as possible?

Top tips for looking after our sight

1. Take in more Vitamin A

The old classic ‘eat carrots to improve your sight’ is true! Carrots contain Vitamin A, which is what we need to keep our eyes healthy. Vitamin A looks after the surface of the eye, reducing the chances of infections. Foods such as carrots and sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin A, as well as pumpkins (perfect for this time of year!) and Ricotta cheese.

2. Wear your sunglasses

And not just for fashion statements, sunglasses are essential to keeping your eyes safe when the sun is out. If your eyes are exposed to a large amount of UV light it could cause cataracts in later years. Make sure that the sunglasses you buy are UV absorbing, as these are the glasses that will protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays.

3. Exercise

Sight loss can be caused by conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, so staying healthy and exercising is really important to keep those conditions at bay. Keeping sugary foods as a very occasional snack and incorporating more movement into your daily routine are great ways to help your sight.

4. Stop smoking

Smoking is obviously incredibly dangerous for all aspects of our health, including your eyes. Smokers are far more likely to develop issues such as cataracts, as well as macular degeneration. Quitting smoking will go a long way to avoiding those conditions, as well as a much healthier lifestyle in general.

5. Drink in moderation

You should keep within the nationally recommended limits of alcohol consumption. Excessive consumption means that you increase the risk of early aged macular degeneration. Women should drink no more than 14 units per week, and men should drink no more than 21.

The information in these pages is intended as general advice only. If you or your family members require medical advice or have any medical concerns, please contact your GP.

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