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27 September 2017

Easy ways to stay healthy at work

It is hard to ignore how much of our lives are spent at the office or other place of work and the impact the working routine can have on our bodies.   

The influence of others in the workplace or the desire to not draw attention to a change in personal habits can sometimes take over our efforts of healthy change.

Eating well at work

  • Healthy snacks such as fruit, rice cakes and yoghurts will keep your energy levels steady throughout the day helping you avoid sugary quick-fixes and caffeine fuelled drinks. 
  • A breakfast that includes protein and fibre in the morning will keep you focused and engaged throughout the day.


  • Stress can be a motivator when it occurs in small quantities, keeping you focused on a large or important task. However stress can have a serious impact on your body and your health if not controlled. 
  • Stress can have some serious physical effects on your body, including headaches, tiredness, mood swings and anxiety. By understanding your stress levels and when they are getting out of control, you can overcome the effects of stress and even give yourself a greater sense of achievement and improve your wellbeing. 

Relaxation in the office

  • Simple techniques for relaxation can have a large impact on your mood and your stress levels on a busy day at work. Breathing exercises and simple stretches can all be done at your desk.
  • Consider using your lunch break to exercise by either taking a short walk, going swimming or doing a yoga class at the gym. Get away from your desk at lunch and eat outside when the weather permits. 
  • If you do not have an option to get away from your work activities when they become stressful, take a short walk outdoors to refresh your mind and your muscles.

The information in these pages is intended as general advice only. If you or your family members require any medical advice or have any medical concerns, please contact your GP. At CS Healthcare, we are committed to protecting the health of our members and we also offer a wide range of health benefits and discount schemes with our member rewards. View our range of product and get a quote today. 

Source: NHS.UK