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12 April 2016

Snoring is one of the most common (and irritating) afflictions effecting many people in the UK. While we may not all be able to call ourselves snorers, the likelihood is that we have all snored in our lifetime. However, those of us who are regular snorers may find it difficult to sleep properly- and their partners certainly do! Snoring can be an indicator for bad health and breathing problems, which is why the tips we have chosen will not only help you to stop snoring, but you will sleep better, and it will also help your health in general.

Lose Weight

Snoring can be caused by fatty tissue around the throat, making it harder to breathe when we are lying down. Losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle could help you stop snoring, and will also improve your sleep.

Stop Smoking

As well as many of the terrible things smoking does to your body, it also irritates the lining of the nasal cavity, which increases the likelihood of snoring.

Change How You Sleep

Sleeping on your back seriously increases your risk of snoring, as your tongue and chin and any excess fat can squash your airway, making it harder to breathe. If you sleep on your side instead, you will prevent this from happening.

Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

Alcohol causes the muscles in the back of the throat to collapse easily during sleep, which causes snoring. If you try to avoid alcohol, particularly before sleeping you will seriously reduce the chances of snoring.

Over-The-Counter Products

Most pharmacy’s sell anti snoring products over the counter, such as nasal strips and mouth guards. The best thing to do before you buy one of these products, is to work out what kind of snorer you are! British Snoring has a really good set of exercises to help you work out what kind of snorer you are.

If snoring is really badly effecting your sleep and your life, then you should go and see your GP to find out if there is a medical procedure that they can recommend to help you.

The information in these pages is intended as a general advice only. If you or your family members require medical advice or have any medical concerns, please contact your GP. 

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