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17 October 2015

Do you ever feel you spend your daily life running around, doing three different things at once and your list just doesn’t go down?

We’ve all had days or weeks like this, and it got us to thinking, now that technology has become such an important part of our lives, is there an app out there that will help us plan our lives and our time better? And even if there is one, is it a good idea to plan our entire lives through an app?

Most of the apps that we have looked at require you to fill in a lot of information about yourself, for example; your diary, your contact details, your personal information which can take up a lot of time; however it is all necessary to using your app properly and getting best experience

You will also have to allow your app to alert you to tasks etc. which may get frustrating. But these downsides are all things that you will have to in order to use the apps effectively.

Google Now and 24Me

The top apps we found were Google Now and 24Me. We chose not to include devices on smartphones such as Siri or Cortana as they are already available, and we wanted to see what extras these apps could offer.

Google Now helps you plan the quickest way to work, and helps you to avoid the traffic. It also shows you what the weather will be like, and help you plan your day. It will also access your location, and show you where there are good photo spots nearby, so you’re always ready to wow your Facebook friends.

24Me is like a second brain, it will notify you of anything that you have coming up, meetings, personal events and provide reminders. It will even sync with your Facebook app so it will send your friends a birthday message, just in case you forget.

Apps such as 24Me and Google Now are very positive assets to have in your life, but in general you shouldn’t become too reliant on them, as brilliant as technology is, it isn’t completely fool proof, it can go wrong, and if your whole life is on one app it may become even more of a problem trying to fix it.

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Source: Tech Times