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06 October 2016

As it is brain awareness month, we felt that this was the perfect time to set out some really quick and easy exercises’ that you can do to improve your brain power.

As we get older we require more exercise, and not just of our muscles, but also of our brain. Brain exercises can test our responsiveness, memory and attention span.

Doing these tests for just a few minutes a day can improve your brain power and increase your cognitive ability. As is the way with modern life, we often find ourselves on auto pilot, going from work to home and making dinner and watching TV, there isn’t really a lot of time where we are able to work on much else.


This website has some great, engaging games that are quick to play and designed to improve your brain abilities and speed. The website also has a section where it records your results over time, and compares you with others. You can also record your mood, and your mood trends to see if they make a difference to your results.

Neuro Nation

Similar to Lumosity, Neuro Nation has a host of excellent games that are designed to increase your brainpower. Before beginning, you have to fill out a form which specifies your everyday activities and what you want to gain from brain training. Then, you do a quick evaluation where they decide what training would benefit you best.

An honourable mention to those who first brought the brain exercises, and memory games to the forefront of society- Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, which first became available on Nintendo DS, and swept the nation, making people more aware of having to train their brain.

There are obviously other ways to work to train your brain, doing a crossword on the morning commute, or playing Sudoku helps your brain think differently, and makes you utilise your spare time more efficiently.

The information in these pages is intended as general advice only. If you or your family members require medical advice or have any medical concerns, please contact your GP.

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