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06 October 2016

Did you know that high blood pressure is one of the biggest silent killers in the UK? In order to know your blood pressure, it must be tested by your GP. There aren’t really many signs of having high blood pressure, which is why it is known as a silent killer; however, there are active ways that you can improve your blood pressure by just making small changes to your day to day life.

Change your diet

Diet is one of the main contributing factors to high blood pressure. Salt is one of the biggest contributing factors to high blood pressure, and a lot of other dangerous health issues. By checking the ingredients of food, you can easily see how much salt is added. An adult should only have 6g of salt a day- that is around one teaspoon. A way to avoid added salt is to take some time making food from scratch- that way you can be in complete control of how much salt you put in your food.

Limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol is obviously dangerous to our health, so by making sure that you are drinking in moderation and in keeping with the NHS’s recommended daily intake. Perhaps on two days a week, you could avoid alcohol completely? There are many interesting ‘mocktail’ recipes online that are great alternatives.

Exercise More!

It seems really obvious, but by moving more, your blood pressure will lower. Could you make small changes, such as walking to work? Perhaps spend your lunch at the gym, or go on an hours walk? When you are short for time, little changes like this can make all the difference.
Remember that your blood pressure is very important to keep in check, as most of the signs of high blood pressure can go undetected. Making these small changes to your daily life can be really important for your health!

The information in these pages is intended as general advice only. If you or your family members require medical advice or have any medical concerns, please contact your GP.

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Source: Blood Pressure UK