Our Board

Our Board of Directors ensure that the Society meets its objectives and operates in a transparent manner. The Board is accountable for ensuring that all governance arrangements reflect the interests of both the Society’s members and regulators.

The Board consists of seven independent Non-Executive Directors and two Executive Directors, all of whom bring with them a wealth of experience from the civil service, business, finance, medical and insurance sectors.

Responsibilities of the Board

Some of the responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Leadership of the Society and setting of the Society’s values and standards
  • Approval of the strategy of the Society
  • Approval of the Society’s Annual Report and Financial statements
  • Reviewing the Society’s corporate governance arrangements
  • Approval of key business policies
  • Reviewing membership rules
  • Considering any new appointments to the Board
  • Ensuring the Society is not exposed to unnecessary risk
Board Terms of Reference

The Board is supported by five separate committees, which are responsible for covering some of the key issues outside of the main Board meetings. These comprise:

Our Service

CS Healthcare provides specialist health insurance policies to civil and public servants as well as their dependants. For over 85 years, we've been dedicated to protecting the health of our members and during that time we've built up partnerships with more than 300 hospitals, ensuring our members have access to the best care and treatment.

Proud to be Mutual

We think our Mutual status makes us a little different from many other insurers. We're not answerable to shareholders which means our members remain at the heart of everything we do. As a result, our members continually benefit from the highest standards of service.

CS Healthcare News

Keep up-to-date with all the latest healthcare news and updates from CS Healthcare. We know that looking after your health should be a number one priority, which is why we aim to keep you informed of any breakthroughs in medical care as well as the latest health and wellbeing tips.

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