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Medical fees
Each surgical and medical procedure has a unique code and description, called a CCSD code, which are used as a common term of reference within the private medical industry. 
These codes are listed in our fee schedule below along with the amount of benefit we will pay towards the cost of your specialist charges. 
You can use the fee schedule to search by code or procedure name to find out what we would pay for a particular procedure. 
For a single procedure we will pay the 100% customary and reasonable Surgeon and Anaesthetist fees according to the required CCSD code and its recognised complexity. 
If multiple procedures are carried out during one theatre admission, we will pay:
  • Primary procedure - up to 100% of the listed fee price
  • 2nd procedure - up to 50% in addition to the primary procedure
  • 3rd procedure - up to 25% in addition to the primary and second procedure
  • For bilateral procedures not identified within a specific CCSD code we will pay 100% of the actual procedure plus an additional 66%
For further advice please see either the Guide to Patients, or the Guide to Consultants. 
Please be aware that all payments are subject to any co-payment or excess selected by the policy holder.
The prices indicated in our fee schedule are independent of any other insurer, and are subject to annual review, based on data detailing payment trends, complexity and independent medical review where disputes or new procedures require implementation. It is important to note that the schedule is updated on a monthly basis therefore changes may be made from time to time when this is the case. Rates are correct as of March 2014.
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